AC Repair & Services

An AC issue needs a timely and reliable fix, especially in the warm weather,Leaving your AC as it is or not maintaining it for some time may put you in a troublesome situation and may cost you a lot of money. It is wise therefore to get your AC maintained and serviced several times during the year by expert professionals and prevent it from any possible major breakdown..

AC Repair Expert

If you were looking for professionals who were having vast expertise and experience, then you can stop your search, for we are going to give you the highest quality AC repair and maintenance. With us by your side, you can put your mind at ease as the problem will be resolved quickly.

Great Expertise

Here at Ideal Hub repairs and maintenance, we have a roster of highly trained and good certified technicians who can deliver premium AC repair and maintenance services for all homes across the UAE. We are able to deliver you these good air conditioning services.

AC Installation – By installing new AC units in your home

AC Repair – When you have an AC breakdown, we come quickly and repair it immediately.

AC maintenance – We come over to come and maintain the AC to prevent any occurrence of faults.

  • Fan coil and air handling cleaning
  • Faulty temperature and pressure sensors
  • Cleaning air valves and filters
  • Loose fittings
  • Fan belts
  • Dust and sand built-ups
  • Blocked AC drain outlets
  • Starter motors, relays and timers
  • Thermostat
  • Air Diffusers and Filters